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KneSpy (which stands for Kids and Employees Spy) is the industry leader in Android monitoring software for multiple devices, including: Android phones,Android Tablets and more.

KneSpy has been featured in many authoritative news publications, including Sunday Starndard, CNN, Lifehacker, and more, and has nurtured an exceedingly positive reputation among customers.

We have many contracts with law enforcement agencies and child protection services who use us as a key standard in their processes.

KneSpy is a software that must be installed onto the phone of the consenting owner, and we are not responsible in any way for knespy being abused by a third party.

If we suspect that our software is being abused in any way, the account will be terminated immediately.

When installing knespy, the person doing the installing must be aware that Knespy will immediately hide itself from app menu. Therefore user is advised to consult their local attorney in installing hidding software.

KneSpy works on  Android phone altered or not, and our software works regardless of geographical location.