Keep Track Of Your Employees

Protect your business from insider threats and liability. Don’t be the last to know what’s going on in your company

View your Employee’s Device Info From An Easy To Use Dashboard.

Most businesses nowadays provide mobile phones to their employees with the hope that it will ease communication between employees themselves as well as clients. Fair enough,a mobile phone is a well deserved tool that if used properly; it can enhance and boost your business's profit margins. On the other hand, those same devices can be weapons of mass destruction for your business if they are not monitored. As a business owner, you spent sleepless nights, even borrowed money to setup your business. Sadly that can mean nothing if you don't monitor your company's mobile phones.

  • A quick photo or video can capture your company's confidential documents and be sent in seconds across the world to your competition.

  • Mobile phones store enormous amount of data that can be compromised any time and used against you and your business.

  • A scrupulous employee may commit fraud easily given the ease and convenience of a cellphone.

  • Most of these mobile phones are connected to the company's​ network thus making it vunerable to hacker's attacks.

  • Since these smart devices have many features, including games; some employees spend most of their time playing games, Surfing the net, Facebook etc instead of being productive. A cellphone can be a great time waster thus people are easily glued to them whenever they get the chance.

  • Recently, companies world wide have been terrorised by RANSOMWARE! An internet-connected cellphone is the weakest vunerability on your network. 

  • Employees may indicate they are somewhere where as they are elsewhere.

At we believe in responsibility. A quick installation of our small software(2 MB)will help you manage company owned mobile phones . In business you can't manage what you can't monitor. We give you a monitoring tool to manage better. You will get to know everything that happens in that phone including it's whereabouts. Please note that you need consent from employees to monitor those company owned devices.