Keep Your Teens Safe From Online Dangers

30% of Teens admit to being bullied on the internet. 20% admit to sexting. Is your child safe?

Why You Need Mobile Monitoring Software

Monitoring our kids' phones is very crucial in today's world of internet madness. We need to know where our kids are every single minute, what they're doing, and with whom. Gone are the days where by you would need to hire a private investigator (and usually at a hefty price) to do half of these activities for you. Parenting should not be expensive, that's why we developed your own private super investigator who won't miss a thing! From as little as $0.09/day (that's peanuts compared to daily cup of coffee or even cigarettes) you will be able to monitor, supervise, protect and guide your kids with KneSpy. So you love your child, right? You buy them a mobile phone so that you can communicate with them easily. The question we should be asking ourselves is; are you the only one communicating with your child on that phone? What other people are talking to your beloved child; and what kind of talk are they having? The sad truth is you DONT know anything! You are in the dark!  Here are the facts:

  • Did you know that 30% of children with mobile phones admitted to having been exposed to Cyber bullying?

  • 20% exchange sexually explicit content with so called friends and even strangers. They call it sexting.

  • 8% of kids talk about smoking and drinking on their mobile phones.

  • While the remaining 2% may use a cellphone responsibly, they are not immune to the craziness of the internet. And the internet can be a scary place: trust us we work there every day.

So what can we as parents do to raise our children in this internet and mobile phones era? Luckily you're at the right place. Here at we provide you with a cutting edge top notch solution to stay a step (actually it's several steps) ahead of your teenager and their Android mobile. We developed a software that'll let you know;

  • who's​ calling your child?

  • Contacts in phonebook

  • Who's sms-ing or sexting your child?

  • The location of your teenager via GPS

  • The type of music they listen to.

  • Photos and videos in your teenagers mobile.

  • You can listen to their surroundings (check if they're at school or party)

  • Websites your child visits and a lot more exciting features that'll make your parenting easy.

KneSpy is a small software (2MB) that you install in your under age child's mobile phone to keep track of what is going on in day to day life of your kids. All you have to do is create an account at and install the software. You will be provided with a secure control panel unique and accessible Only to you through your username and password. This is where you will view activities in your under age child's phone.